If you want to grow your own vegetable then you are one of a growing legion of gardening enthusiasts. Consider a container garden option when you have limited space for gardening. You will be surprised by how many vegetables you can grow in a container garden.

Vegetables that Grow Well in Pots

  • Growing Beans—If you attach a trellis you can also grow beans in a long narrow box.
  • Beets in a Pot—Make sure your pot is deep and large enough.
  • Carrots—Baby varieties are of course more suitable; but you can grow larger varieties as well. You will need deeper pots for longer varieties.
  • Cole Crops Grow Well in Pots—Cole crops, such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower grow well in containers that are large enough.
  • Cucumbers, small and large—Smaller types are more suitable for smaller pots.
  • Large varieties need bigger pots and something to provide climbing space for the plants.
  • Eggplants—Any container that is 5 gallons or more is good for eggplants. Try planting one eggplant in a 5-gallon pot, and push a small stake into the soil to support its weight.
  • Lettuce—Lettuce and other salad greens grow very well in pots.
  • Small Melons—Dwarf varieties grow well in containers.
  • Green Onions—Containers are good for green onions.
  • Dwarf Pea Varieties— Dwarf pea varieties grow well in containers. Larger varieties need a trellis.
  • Peppers—Any type of pepper can be grown in a pot; but the bigger the pot the better.
  • Potatoes—You can harvest spuds in your pot and you don’t even need seedlings! Add potting soil to a large pot, plant potato eyes, and then water the plants. Once the plants begin to grow, cover their stems with soil (leaving only the top exposed).
  • Radishes—Radishes are easy to grow in pots.
  • Squash—Some winter squash varieties can be grown in a large pot.
  • Tomatoes—Tomatoes are easy to grow in pots. Dwarf varieties are best. You will need to cage or stake larger varieties.

You can have control over what you bring to your plate. Get started on your vegetable container garden today! Gardening in limited space is not a hindrance, when you can grow your vegetables in a flowerpot.