watermelon-farfugiumIf you are looking to spice up your garden and to see it blooming again, then look no further. Though Florida is known for being the land of plants and flowers, it can be hard to find something that can adjust to the climate without withering away.

A great way to bring a garden into a small house, or an apartment building with a little backyard, is through a step garden. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any native plants like lilies or an iris, or even the Florida kind. The African Lily would be a fantastic way to bring a little color to the step garden and your backyard, bringing vibrancy and a warm feel. Plant it from October to February, and you’ll be expecting stately stalks with beautiful blues or white flowers. 

Bring more tropical feel to the front of your house with a Caladium, a dramatic, heart-shape tropical flair that is perfect for landscaping and within containers. Make sure they’re in the sun and planted 2 inches deep from February to May. There are a variety of colors from white, pink, red, and even burgundy! The colors are super attractive and based on your preferences, you can choose either.

Lead your guests with a pathway that has the native Florida plant Cannas, a wonderful old-fashioned favorite that stands tall, easy to grow, and thrives in Florida heat.

Why not take a different direction and mix it up a little by having a one pot vegetable right at your door step! Just one single pot can be packed with different herbs and veggies. Make sure it’s in a galvanized water trough, drill a few holes and the water will evenly soak through the soil. Think of chives and basil to make a beautiful pasta bake or salad dressing.

To add a bit of flare to your garden at night, plant the native Florida Autumn Fern and use outdoor lighting in-between each section to give it a warm natural feel. The fern it’s self grows to around 2 feet tall and wide. They are best suited for shady areas, and don’t worry, they’re ridden from little critters. For the best results, always ensure that you keep the soil evenly moist, as the Florida heat may affect its growth.

The Zeezee plant, a tropical perennial, is ideal for inside the home. It takes a little while for it to grow, but worth it as it attracts no pests within the house, and needs only a bit of water. But be careful when it comes to pets, as all parts of this particular Florida plant are poisonous, so it might be good to put it in a high place away.

Bloom some more with a native Florida plant called the Pineapple Guava. With its grey-green leaves and waxy, pink and white flowers, it produces an egg sized edible fruit that tastes like guava. Technically, you’re getting a plant and a fruit tree! It’s easy to grow and if you live near by the beachside, it can easily tolerate seacoast exposure and stays forever green.