Sometimes, you want more than flowers to brighten up an area. Trees offer great shade, and can fill space that feels empty otherwise. You shouldn’t pick just any tree for the job, however, and with this list, you can find the perfect species for your land.

Great Trees for Landscaping

  • Redbud – The Redbud tree is best known for the beautiful whites and pinks it displays in the spring, and is small enough to be easily manageable. In fall, it also displays a beautiful shade of golden yellow.
  • Crape Myrtle – The gardener with a taste for Southern style will love the Crape Myrtle. Big flowers that catch the eye are this tree’s trademark, and the buds come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, lavender, white, and orange.
  • Golden-Rain Tree – In mid- to late summer, the Golden-Rain Tree lives up to its name and blooms beautiful golden flowers, which start out as lovely pinks and greens. This tree is also incredibly hardy, and can survive most weather conditions.
  • Chaste Tree – For the person who loves fall, the Chaste Tree accents any landscape with beautiful blues and lavenders in early- to mid-Autumn. Its unique foliage also adds beauty from spring to fall, and can add variety to a garden.
  • Powderpuff – The Powderpuff is perfect for Florida, as it only grows in extreme zones. In summer, its buds burst into small, fluffy red flowers, which are soft to the touch and very fragrant. This tree is small enough for you to maintain as a bush as well as a tree, depending on how often you trim it.

Any one of these trees can add a unique flair to your home garden, or anywhere on your property. They all grow in the hardiness zone of Tampa, so you don’t have to worry about losing a tree to weather, and they all will enhance the space in which you plant them.