Gardening is an enjoyable pastime for all who partake, but you can also gain some delicious results from planting the right seeds. Berry bushes are a great way to grow your favorite fruits at home, and many of them make attractive plants when not in bloom. Furthermore, berry bushes are easy to maintain, space efficient, and most species produce crop in the same year that they’re planted.


A gooseberry bush not only offers a great crop in late spring, but also grows into a thick and beautiful hedge, between two and four feet tall. The green foliage looks strong and healthy throughout summer, and then will turn golden in the fall. You can pick gooseberries while still green, and grow near the base of the tree. A single bush can produce 5 to 8 quarts of berries when it reaches maturity.


Raspberry bushes can produce a quart of berries every other day for three weeks in summer, and are one of the most self-sustaining berry bushes available. The tastiest berries come from the edge of the branches, so minimal trimming is required. These bushes are small and compact, making them a great choice to fill garden space.


Blueberry bushes are slightly more difficult to maintain than others are, as they need acidic soil to survive, between 4.0 and 5.5 pH. However, you only need a single bush to produce all the blueberries you could want, as a mature bush will produce up to 20 pints in midsummer. The bush also looks beautiful in any season, and goes well with perennials.

Any of these bushes can accent your garden in great ways, as well as give you a delicious crop to add to your summer meals. Take the time to research upkeep so you can have a great bush for years to come.