IMG_1171Summer is the most important time to know how to correctly keep your plants sufficiently moist. High temperatures quickly dry out the soil, and once plants are dehydrated, they quickly start to die. Below is a guide to assist you in keeping your plants happy and healthy with summer on the way.


While this may seem like an obvious one, it is all too common an area where people make mistakes when it comes to watering their plants. You should always look at the weather report in order to plan the perfect watering strategy. If there are thunderstorms coming up, then either don’t water your plants or give them very little. You should be watering your plants once or twice a week in 70-degree weather, however this should increase to every other day if temperatures reach 90 degrees and above.


Once you have sorted out how often you need to water your plants, you should plan what time of day you should do so. The most beneficial time of day is early morning, as its cool enough so that the water won’t evaporate before entering the soil, and it also equips your plants with enough water to get through the day.


While the amount varies on the kind of plants you have- most plants should end up with at least an inch of wet soil at their base.


If you don’t have a sprinkler or drip system in your yard, you should use a spray or watering can to evenly wet the base of your plants, trying to avoid the leaves.

Summer is just around the corner now, and this is the most important time to make sure your plants have enough water to survive and thrive in the increasing temperatures.