A patio is a great outdoor space to enjoy the weather or entertain guests. On its own, however, a patio might seem a little bland. If this is the case with your patio, you can make use of your love of gardening to bring life and color to the space. These simple steps can change the feel of a patio dramatically, and for the better.

Garden Margin

To enhance the flow of a patio, you can plot gardens around the edges. Not only does this add color to the patio, but it also helps create entryways and exits for your guests. This is especially useful if you have walkways that extend from the patio to other parts of the property. Smaller plants, such as perennial flowers and exotic plants can make the space feel colorful and fun without overwhelming the area.

Containing the Space

Containers are great accents for patios, and easy to maintain in any place. Similar to houseplants, container plants add a natural accent to a synthetic space, and can add greenery to a seating area that might not be there otherwise. Choosing a container with a great design can add style to the space on its own. Bigger plants with a variety of colors are often best, but depending on your style, you may have different ideas.

Shady Business

If you live in a hotter area, planting a nearby tree or taller plants can create shade and comfort. Planting a sapling might take time to grow into maturity, but the payoff is well worth it. Furthermore, trees can add flow to a landscape itself, and compliment the patio’s flow.

Gardening can take a patio that feels lackluster and turn it into a beautiful space in which everyone wants to spend time. Besides the color and the variety that comes with it, the sense of nature also ties everything together, making the space feel unified in a fresh way.