kids gardeningIf you’re about to have your garden landscaped and you’re not sure about how to use the space available, think about devoting an area to your children. We’re not just talking about providing a space to put their play equipment, soccer nets and scooters, we’re talking about an area where they can grow their own plants and get inspired by nature!

Creating a Little Person’s Garden Space

It’s so important to encourage your child out into the garden and away from the television screen as much as possible. Gardening is a great way to achieve this, particularly if you allow them autonomy over their green-fingered creations.

Here’s some great tips to help you plan out the ideal area for your little ones to grow their own plants and crops.

Things to Think About When Landscaping Your Garden With Children in Mind

  • Create a raised bed. Creating a raised bed area is actually easier than you might think, and best of all, it’s generally at a height that suits smaller people. This is the ideal environment for children to grow crops such as potatoes or beans, or even a profusion of flowers.
  • Purchase some pots. If space is limited, letting your children grow things in containers is a great way of getting them involved in the garden. Tomato plants are fairly easy to grow once you’ve got them started, and strawberries are always a popular choice!
  • Encourage wildlife. Invest in some plants that actively encourage wildlife into your garden, such as bees and interesting bugs. Even when they’re not working on their garden, they’ll be able to watch the insects with fascination.

Finding Inspiration

If you’re planning on having your garden landscaped and are seeking inspiration on how to make it a wonderful place for the whole family, simply get in contact with GardenSmith today. You can call us at 813 681 0020 to find out more about our landscaping services in Tampa Bay.