DSC_0139An easy way to make your garden seem more vibrant is to plant shrubs, flowers and trees into your yard, and it can improve the aesthetics of your landscape incredibly. However, for a less permanent way to spruce up your garden, you can put most shrubs and flowers into pots and move them around whenever the fancy takes over.

Here is the best process to follow when you are starting to landscape using pots:

Choosing the Plants

You should go to your local nursery or landscape professional and talk about the plants suitable for pots, which will suit both the look of your garden and the areas in which they would be happiest and most likely to thrive.

Picking Your Pots

With each plant in mind, you should ensure that the pots are big enough to comfortably fit the roots of the plant, with a little room for growth, but remember that they shouldn’t be so big that you can’t move them. Ensure that there are drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, and try layering the bottom with a few stones, as this will increase the drainage.

The Soil

Your plants are only as good as the soil that is beneath them, and some plants prefer some soil types to other. Ask for advice or research if there is a specific soil that suits your plants best, but in general a light potting soil will do.

Arrange Your Pots

Now comes the fun part, arrange your pots into the places that they look best and ensure your plants are in the areas that they will do best in.

Using pot plants in landscaping is an easy and effective DIY project, which offers a less permanent solution to planting shrubs and flowers in your garden.