Landscape Design

Vibrant, beautiful, and highly functional Florida landscape designs are our specialty. Whether your landscaping project is limited to planting one tree or involves a complete landscape transformation, we’re eager to help and have the expertise and experience to ensure success!

Full Service Design and Installation

GardenSmith offers a full spectrum of landscape services, ranging from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Customers value the flexibility we offer in terms of numerous options to address their needs within the scope of the project.

With a wide range of experience in Florida landscapes we have designed traditional, contemporary, tropical and southern-styled outdoor spaces for new and existing homes. From Florida native plants, to seasonal color changes, GardenSmith will make you very pleased with transformation of your outdoor space.


We are inspired by the colors of new growth on a boxwood, the form of an aloe plant and the detail of a simple garden path. The result is vivid, memorable and unique work that is both fresh and classic.


We create highly personalized and custom landscape design solutions. We tailor each and every project to your requirements and your space. Our team works with you from conception to installation to ensure the landscape vision is executed precisely.


Our signature style is based on structure and detail that makes it timeless and to the eye, it looks somewhat effortless. From containers to full landscape design and installation services, we build long-term relationships.

Professionals With a Passion for Plants and Customers

Our professional horticulturists and designers work with you to transcribe your vision from a comprehensive plan, to a beautiful Florida landscape. We are trained in the underlying sciences of agriculture, soil, entomology and much more. Most importantly, we received our training from University of Florida professors who ‘wrote the books’ on Florida horticulture – which means we bring advanced knowledge of sustainability and native plant propagation, pathology, weed science and tropical ecosystems to your project.

The horticulturists and plantsmen at GardenSmith thrive on tracking down unique plants, shrubs and trees, then combining them to produce extraordinary results. But, beyond those important fundamentals we offer an added dimension…. GardenSmith owners are also our project managers, taking a leading role with our clients – from the initial consultation through installation and maintenance. So while customers expect our owners to be involved in guiding the design and installation on projects, many often express surprise to later glimpse us in their yard pruning and training the climbing vines or ornamental trees. The attention to detail, delivered by every member of our staff, is a hallmark of our services.

GardenSmith offers comprehensive landscaping services for our clients including:

Leaf_awesome   Consultation design services

Leaf_awesome   Area preparation and installation to ensure the successful establishment of plant materials

Leaf_awesome   Quarterly landscape maintenance available

Leaf_awesome   Low voltage lighting

Leaf_awesome   Container design, installation and maintenance

Leaf_awesome   Pristine clean-up after installation

Leaf_awesome   Irrigation installation and maintenance including container micro-drip lines

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