garden patioFlorida is blessed with a beautiful climate, and as a result, it makes sense to make the most of the garden space that you have. So many people don’t maximize on the potential of their outdoor area, little realizing that with a bit of planning and work, their garden could effectively be used as a whole extra room for their houses!

Transforming Your Outdoor Space into a Livable Area

Firstly, before you start making any plans, think about how you want to use the area. Is relaxation important to you? Do you want a zone where the kids can burn off some energy? Do you want to create an inspirational area, where you can spend time writing, painting or thinking about life in general?

Make a list of everything you want your garden to achieve for you, as this will help your garden landscaper create a plan that works in with your requirements.

Form, Function and Fantastic Aesthetic Appeal!

It’s important to think practically. For example, if you dry your clothes outdoors, you’ll need an area where you can still do this with ease, preferably close to the house. If you need space to put play equipment, make sure this is in the designs too!

Then, start to think about the fun stuff. If outdoor dining is important to you, consider how you could create a beautiful outdoor dining area, complete with shade from the sun and surrounded by vibrant flowers. If you love relaxing in the sun, you could create a private area at the top of the garden, surrounded by palms and pretty foliage.

Discussing Ideas with a Professional

Don’t be afraid to talk about your ideas with a professional landscaper, even if you’re worried that they’re a little bit crazy! A good landscaping professional will be able to take your dreams, add a healthy dose of practicality, and produce something that really works for you and your family.

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