It’s no secret that millions of people in the world love to garden, but did you know that gardening is actually good for you? Taking up this common pastime is actually a great activity to help with depression and anxiety issues. By planting flowers and spreading mulch, you can bring about better mental, physical and emotional health while enjoying the simple tasks associated with this hobby.

Time Outdoors

When you feel down, going outside is often a great response, and gardening is an accessible way to get fresh air. By going outside, you take action, which is often the first step to feeling better. You can also experience sunshine and the beauty of nature. Gardening allows you to do all of this from your own home, instead of walking or driving a distance to get anywhere.


Gardening can make you break out a sweat, even while being fulfilling. Exercise helps burn off excess energy you might have, and helps your body’s processes run more smoothly. With gardening, not only are you getting exercise, but you’re also taking part in an activity that you find rewarding, which adds much deeper meaning to the activity.

Goals to Achieve

With gardening, you have a goal in mind, whether you’re making sure that everything stays fresh and healthy or trying to get the perfect sense of color in your yard. Gardening offers something to work towards, which is a great source of fulfillment and purpose. Reaching those goals is also satisfying, as it comes with a sense of accomplishment and new goals for you to achieve.

Living a healthy lifestyle is much easier than you might think when you pick up gardening. All of these reasons can give you a renewed sense of life and provide great enjoyment for all the time spent in the garden.