Hardscaping. It’s a word that has many homeowners scratching their heads. If you don’t know what hardscaping is, you aren’t alone. While it isn’t new to landscape design, hardscaping has only recently gained popularity among homeowners.

Hardscaping is the art of landscaping without living features. Decks, patios, walkways and rocks are all used to make your yard a more beautiful place. There are several benefits to hardscaping and homeowners should be aware of them.

Advantages to Hardscaping

If you are thinking of unique ways to landscape your yard, hardscaping tops the list. Consider the ways that non-living features can benefit you.

  • Low Maintenance—Professionally installed hardscaping requires virtually no maintenance on your part. Unlike lawns and gardens, non-living features do not require constant care.
  • Water Restriction—For homeowners who live in areas where water is restricted, hardscaping makes perfect sense.
  • Home Value—A beautifully landscaped lawn increases your home’s value. If you are particularly adept at gardening or lawn care, a hardscaped yard is the best option.
  • Functionality—Imagine being able to sit on your gorgeous new deck or entertain on your lovely patio. When you have these things added to your lawn, your backyard becomes an extension of your home.

These are only a few of the benefits that homeowners experience with hardscaping. Additional benefits include erosion protection, increased drainage and visual appeal.

If you are considering having your yard professionally landscaped but are worried about how you will keep your new investment looking fresh and beautiful, consider hardscaping. When non-living, aesthetically pleasing features are added to your landscape design, maintenance requirements are virtually eliminated.

Don’t assume that you need a green thumb to have a gorgeous landscape. Decks, rocks, patios and walkways can create a visually interesting yard while increasing the value of your home.