landscapingEveryone loves the looks of a great yard that’s obviously had some landscaping done, but not everyone can afford to pay someone else to do it. We’ve collected some great tips to help you do landscape design on your own! All you need to pay for is the plants themselves. Well, and maybe it’ll cost you sweat equity from doing it yourself.

Designing a yard or backyard space follows the same basic principles of room design. You don’t need to be an expert to achieve a great look as long as you follow these tips.

Know Your Wants and Needs

Make a list of wants and needs. Remember that needs are more important because you want your yard to maintain functionality. Compromise on your wants to make sure you have everything that’s necessary.

Understand the Weather Patterns

Make note of the sun and wind patterns in your space. If one place is particularly windy or sunny, think about creating a sheltered area there to enjoy the outdoors no matter wind conditions.

Add a Bit at a Time

Slowly make additions. Snappy decisions will only make you regret the placement of something here or there. Try adding one element at a time and living with it for a while. It’ll give you an idea of what else you might need, want, or that’d flow great with what you’ve already added.

Work Around a Main Idea

Work around a focal point. You always want one area to be the center of attention and to create space around it to complicate it. This way your yard will be harmonious and won’t feel crowded.

Start Small

Start small and remember scale! Tackling the small things first will help you make your project manageable. Always remember to add elements that are in scale with everything else you plan on adding. No one wants to run into a deck that dwarves their lawn space!

Keep an Open Mind

Be open to change. Sometimes you’ll have to compromise, so don’t forget to keep an open mind!

These tips are all pretty basic, but they’ll make sure you create your own landscape design that is cohesive! You don’t need to be an expert to tackle landscaping!