There is no doubt that you can head to the home and garden store, pick out a plant, come home and put it in the ground. Unfortunately, there is much more to true landscape design than picking out the plants you love.

Landscape design is an art that people study. If you want a gorgeous lawn, take these tips from the professionals; each will help you avoid a common mistake.

Tips from the Professionals: Avoid These Common Mistakes

As with anything in life, there are mistakes in landscaping that people make time and again. While some mistakes are only slightly annoying, others can be costly to repair. Follow the advice from professionals to avoid these five common mistakes.

  • Failure to Research—Landscaping takes research. You should understand your soil, know which plants work for your region and understand how colors can complement one another.
  • Overcrowding—Plants need room to spread and grow. Don’t overdo it! The information on a plant’s care tag is not merely suggestion—pay attention to it.
  • Maintenance—As you are choosing your plants, know what type of maintenance they will require. Do not take on more than you can care for.
  • Inside Out—You want your home to look beautiful from the street, but shouldn’t also look beautiful from inside your home? Don’t forget to consider the view from your windows.
  • Go Slowly—You don’t have to landscape your entire yard in a day. Go slowly and enjoy the process.

You can easily plant a tree here and there, but can you design a whole yard? Follow the advice of the professionals to ensure that your landscape grows into the one you’ve dreamed of.

Know your region, be aware of your zone and know your limitations. When you take the time to plan your landscape early on, you will be much happier with the final product that is fully developed years from now.